Virtual Tour of Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA

Georgia Aquarium is an entertaining, intriguing and educational experience for guests of all ages. While promoting a fun and enjoyable learning experience, the Aquarium instills in its guests a new appreciation for the world’s aquatic biodiversity.

The city’s most unique attraction is the premier site for corporate meetings in Atlanta, memorable weddings and special events of any kind. View its virtual tour here. 

Visitor attractions and event venues find virtual tours to be ideal sales and marketing tools that effectively take internet viewers through an engaging “tour” of their facilities. Creating this “WOW” experience has proven to significantly increase the possibility of converting these “viewers” into ticket sales and/or bookings.

This sample interactive virtual tour of the Georgia Aquarium was designed using the previous Flash based Virtual Visit  platform (similar to earlier virtual tours created in the industry).

Flash tends to limit the viewing of virtual tours to Windows based devices (i.e. desktops and laptops). However all of our new tours are developed using our latest HTML platform which allows the 360 virtual reality tours to also be viewed on Android and iOS devices. (See examples of our HTML virtual tours.)

Irregardless of the platform used, this tour example has been included in our Idea Book because it gives venue managers good concepts and features that they should look at including in their own virtual tours.

View the tour by clicking the image below or clicking here.

Georgia Aquarium Atlanta Virtual Tour - Brafford Group Image

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