QuickTurnVR is composed of a team with backgrounds in Hospitality, Programming, and Marketing. Our vast experience and unique expertise allow us to offer customized VR solutions that are focused on each client’s sales and marketing goals, rather than forcing the use of templates.

QuickTurnVR Toronto

Founder, Scott Bowie, has been creating custom virtual tours for hotels and resorts for over 19 years. He is also the co-founder of the Canadian VRCo-Op.ca, which consists of a network of VR programmers, photographers, videographers, sound engineers, and enthusiasts. With extended resources in all these disciplines, QuickTurnVR is well equipped to bring your VR concept to life, regardless of whether it’s been done before or is an entirely new application.

Solutions offered include:

  • Customer Hospitality Tours

  • Business Tour Solutions

  • Special Event VR Capture

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