Virtual Assistant Services for bloggers

How to Work with a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Blog

With over 5 years experience in blogging I know only too well the numerous tasks facing my fellow bloggers. What makes it easier in my case is that I am able to share tasks surrounding the maintenance, marketing and sharing of the content of our websites with my husband Byron.

However for those of you who may be seeking some form of help in your daily activities there is an answer – Hire a virtual assistant.

But exactly what tasks can a virtual assistant (VA) do? 

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The honest answer to that question is “IT DEPENDS“.

The skills set among virtual assistants is extensive and varied, so it all depends on exactly what skill set you are looking for.

Your research would uncover that blog specific tasks that can be completed by a virtual assistant can include:

  • tagging posts
  • formatting content
  • uploading your posts and videos and images
  • editing page content and posts
  • managing comments
  • managing emails
  • social media management
  • managing your SEOs
  • researching keywords and engaging post topics
  • administrative tasks like data entry and calendar management
  • event planning

However these are just a few of the possible VA activities that you can benefit from.



What are our Virtual Assistant Services for bloggers?

At Brafford we are experienced in blogging with WordPress, content creation and editing, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+), MailChimp, Constant Contact, Canva, PicMonkey, social media graphic design, digital marketing, keyword research, event planning, project management, business technology identification and implementation, data entry and calendar management, proposal / quotation writer.

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Do you require some help managing your blog, organizing emails, or scheduling posts? I can take over some or all of these tasks along with other virtual assistant activities thus affording you the opportunity to fully focus on the major areas of your growing business.

OUR MOTTO: “No virtual assistant project is deemed too small for us to handle.”

We would like to start by scheduling a call with you to gain a better understanding of your requirements, timelines and your budget.



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