What exactly is Bloglovin?

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Bloglovin‘ is a great tool for keeping up with blogs and a way to manage feeds. Many bloggers started using it after the demise of Google Reader because it is a wonderful way to get your content and posts in front of a larger audience. 

What is Bloglovin


Here are 4 useful articles outlining “the benefits of Bloglovin and why you should use it”.

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Our two blogs are now on this platform. Click on the links below and make sure you follow both of them:

Brafford Media & Technologies Group

Event Suppliers Network

How many of you are following blogs on Bloglovin? (btw you can find me at https://www.bloglovin.com/people/arbrathwaite-21400085)

How do you find the platform for curating content you are interested in? If you are a blogger do you find it bringing more traffic to your blog/website? As a new user I’m curious so let me know your thoughts via our comments section below.


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