What Exactly Is An Event App? [VIDEO]

Are you a corporate, meeting or special event planner? Looking to get a better understanding of what exactly is an event app and the real benefit it can bring to your next event?

This video, a first in our Event App Series, will shed some light on these questions. 

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3 Reasons Mobile Apps Are of Great Value To Your Sponsors

It is easy to see what the value is of an app for your event and your attendees. You get a better way to interact with your attendees and they get a better way to interact with your conference/event. But what’s it in for your sponsors? Quite a bit.  

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Event Suppliers Network

The Event Planning Guide and Event Business Marketing Platform in one

After 20+ years of planning various types of events in my corporate life and my private life (including meetings, conferences, product launches, training sessions, weddings, dinner parties) I know from firsthand experience how time consuming, and potentially difficult, finding the perfect venue or event vendor can be.

The Event Suppliers Network platform has been designed with the planner in mind.

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